Our Team

Our Team

People are our finest asset. Together we have build our identity and together we shall continue to build the future. At Makshi we are holded by high values, and grow together with mutual respect and dignity.

At Makshi we aim to be recognized as the Great place to work in the entire Global health care industry to achieve our mission, we constantly seek out the best talented people who know how to work in team and who also show initiative of flexibility and enthusiasm. People who are pragmatic and able to work towards their objective, bringing added value to the position they will be called to the cover.


We are committed to invest in research and development with special attention to innovation, focusing to develop and bring new drugs to treat diseases that have not yet found effective solutions.


WE WON’T REST until the vision of Health without Limitation is met. In order to achieve this Makshi care foundation is all set to create awareness campaign to reach the masses against various disease.

Focus on creating a mass campaign named as “We won-t Rest” with an objective of creating social pressure , participation and action in awareness on female hygiene, specific cancers like breast and cervical, life style or habit related disease like anti-tobacco campaign which can be well prevented and controlled through these activities .